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For over 20 years, Manta has helped over 6 million businesses grow online through our proprietary technology platform built specifically for small business success. Our technology, driven by trusted advisers providing consistent effort, will drive sustainable growth for your business over time. Ready to start your journey?

Grow Leads, Sales, and Revenue with a Results Driven Online Marketing Agency

Want results you can see? Manta's online marketing solutions help you connect, inform, and offer your products and services to new customers, leading to more sales and revenue in a way that provides long-lasting growth.

With all of the different voices and messages that customers see everyday, it's important to have your small business stand out from the crowd. You need a trusted digital marketing partner to help you get found by the right customers in the right places.

Why Partner with Manta?

Award-Winning Technology

Propel your business to new heights with proven technology built for your business. We've built our platform specifically for the success of small businesses. Trust your online marketing needs with our award-winning platform.

Transparent Tracking & Reporting

Results you can see! Track every dollar spent and follow your campaign every day to see how it performs. Our proprietary reporting dashboard shows you all the work that has been put into your digital marketing strategies that will grow your online presence and ultimately get your website ranking.

Over 20 Years Successfully Servicing Small Businesses Online

Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their full potential and reach new customers by claiming their business online, implementing effective SEO, driving revenue through paid search marketing campaigns, and by building and strengthening their brand with beautifully designed website packages. With over 20 years of experience, Manta has the digital marketing tools and experts to help your business succeed overtime.

Results-Driven Online Marketing Experts Dedicated to Your Campaign

Every client campaign is handled by a team of digital marketing experts that understand the latest trends and proven strategies in the industry to help generate growth for businesses like yours. In addition to that, each campaign has a dedicated account manager overseeing the communication, timeline, and success of a campaign so you always know where you stand.

Over 1000+ Active Customers

The proof is in the numbers. We've helped tens of thousands of businesses over the past two decades build their online marketing presence. We have proven digital marketing methods that bring success to our customers no matter where they are on their digital marketing journey.

Access to Resources

Effective digital marketing campaigns require access to numerous tools and software that can quickly become expensive and unsustainable for most businesses to maintain over time. Manta has access to all of the necessary resources and tools your business needs to execute a data-driven, successful campaign.

Manta is a Results Driven Online Marketing Agency

“Manta's efforts have resulted in improved Google rankings, meeting expectations. They are communicative, efficient, and accommodating.

Their team's flexibility and quality-driven approach are impressive.”


Copper Recycling

National SEO Campaign


West Virgina


Keyword Growth


Traffic Growth

Within 6 Months of Working with Manta

Local SEO Campaign


Denver, Colorado


Keyword Growth


Over 50

Keywords in 6 months

Within 6 Months of Working with Manta

“We have been in business 25 years and so we had several addresses and phone numbers scattered throughout about 80 pages on the internet including yelp and google. Manta fixed it to the right information in a week. Manta is the best! Give them a try!”


Dallas, TX

Local SEO Campaign


Southern California


Keyword Growth


Organic Traffic Increase

Within 6 Months of Working with Manta

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves


of our customers see top 10 rankings within 6 months



Manta gets a website to rank in the top 10 results of Google

Industry Leading Digital Marketing Services for Your Small Business

Whether your business has 10 employees or 500, Manta's trusted and proven digital marketing services can help you grow into a sustainable, profitable company that consistently achieves its business goals.

Local SEO

If you're competing in a particular city, or have multiple locations customers can visit, local SEO can help you get found by local customers searching for your products and services today! Over 50% of local searches turn into a store visit within the same day. Our affordable local SEO is designed to help local businesses of any size.

National SEO

Interested in increasing your website rankings on search engines and gaining traffic back to your site? National SEO can help attract customers all over the country. This online marketing strategy is perfect for businesses wanting to serve a larger population not limited to a specific region.

Online Business Listings

Business listings get your business information placed in valuable directories online that can help enhance your local presence, increase business awareness, and expand your customer reach to different audiences you never knew existed!

Free Business Listing

Individuals are drawn to online business listings that help their needs and what they're looking for. Get a Free Business Listing with Manta to start your digital marketing journey of getting your business found online.

Ecommerce SEO

For an ecommerce business, being found online by customers is crucial to success. In order to drive traffic and revenue, Ecommerce SEO can help your products and services be found by the people looking for them.

Website Design Package

A well-designed and built-out website can be your best sales and online marketing tool! It can help establish a strong online presence and reputation, while increasing brand awareness to help catch the attention of those looking for your products and services.

Display Advertising

Eye-capturing graphics, such as Display Ads, help establish strong brand exposure for your business. They show-up where your customers are, such as Google, Bing, YouTube, news sites, and more. Display Ads help draw in more leads and sales to the right target audience with visual ads all over the internet.

Manta's Organic SEO Process

As a full-service organic SEO company, Manta helps businesses across various industries get found online by their targeted customers. Take a look and see what's included in our SEO packages.

Keyword Research

Business Directory Listings

Onsite SEO Optimization

Offsite Optimization

Content Creation

Local Search Optimization

And so much more!

Keyword Research

Whether your business needs affordable local SEO or national SEO services, Manta will help you find the best keyword opportunities necessary for your business. Our 4-stage testing process identifies high-intent, low-competition keywords that match up with your business offerings, and what people are actually searching for.

Industries We Help

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